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The Nelson family with their moose in Northern British Columbia.The rest of the Nelson clan.Darrell with moose in Northern British Columbia.Hunting in Northern British Columbia yields some beautiful scenes. Photo by Darrell Robinson.Author, Lisa, with son, Colton and Darrell's turkey from 2009 Hunt.Lisa and Savannah with bobcat 2007.Darrell and the family enjoy fishing ... when they are not hunting. Darrell and Savannah with our friend, Bud.Darrell's bear 2008.17 month-old Colton out hunting and getting firewood.One of the activities the Robinson family partakes in while out hunting. What he's really thinking: "Don't mess with me. I'll tear you apart!"Ryan with his first moose.Colton with Ryan's moose.RyLisa and Savannah with 2007 buck.Savannah with 2007 buck.Darrell and Savannah with 2007 buck.Lisa with her moose on fly-in trip in B.C.'s remote North.Darrell with his moose on fly-in trip in B.C.'s remote North.Lisa with wolf in Northern British Columbia.Another British Columbia Mule Deer for the trophy room.Lisa catching dinner for after the evening hunt. The Nelson's on top of the world.The Nelson's enjoying a night around the fire in hunting camp.Hunting Ptarmigan can prove rewarding.Posing for the camera.Sibling togetherness.Down time for the Nelson's yield some very LARGE rewards.Brandon and his first mule deer buck.Darrell and his East Kooteney, British Columbia elk. This was a family hunt published in Big Game Adventures magazine.First family hunting trip with Montana (4.5 months) and parents, Chad and Erika. They shot a moose around 100 Mile House, B.C. with Montana's cousin, Andrew (3 months), and his parents. Corey, Crys and Andrew (3 months) on first family hunt around 100 Mile House, B.C. Shot a moose with cousin, Montana (4.5 months). Three-month old Kylie and her favorite lab, Trigger, hanging out.8-year-old Briar Webb from Kentucky with his early season spike he brought down with a Thompson Center Encore 7mm-08. Later in the season, he harvested two does to add to his list, and has also killed two turkeys!!! Good Job Briar!!!Daddy's pride and joy, 12-year-old Denika Hoegler from Lillooet, British Columbia, with her first mule deer. A successful 2009 season! Denika has also already bagged a bear to add to her record so far. Keep up the good work Denika!Lisa with her first cougar. Left to right: Darrell, Tom, Mary, Wilf, and Lisa.Lisa with her first cougar. Left to right: Brandon, Tom, Mary, Wilf, and Lisa.Brandon's cat in the Tree.Cat NOT happy!Dogs working the tree.Brandon getting ready to take aim on his first cat!BBrandon, Tom, Mary, and Gord with Brandon's first cat.BranBrandon posing with his cat.MeaMeasuring up Brandon's cat...."Boy is this cat HEAVY!!!"Colton, Darrell, and Brandon with Brandon's turkey killing, deer chasing completely unafraid (when it was alive) coyote.Brandon's whitetail buck.Savannah and Colton with Mom's deer. Should have heard Savannah cheer when it went down:-)) She was a pretty proud girl!Darrell and Savannah.The kids enjoying some afternoon downtime.Lisa, Colton, and Savannah with their Sockeye Salmon.Salmon fishing on the Fraser River.Darrell with a really nice Sockeye!SamColton and Savannah enjoying some time away from the water.Savannah and Sockeye.Savannah proud of her catch.Darrell, Colton, Lisa, and Savannah catching Sockeye limits on the Fraser River.Brandon and his limit Sockeye.DarreBrandon, Ryan, Darrell, and Colton Salmon Fishing on the Fraser River.Brandon and Darrell with Brandon's first Fraser River Sturgeon.Brandon, Colton, Lisa, and Savannah with Brandon's first Fraser River Sturgeon.Clayton Dame with a moose calf Conservation located as its mom was killed. They asked the Dame family to look after it at the farm for a few days while they made arrangements to get it to a rehab center.Levi and Tom Dame comforting the orphan baby moose.Clayton and Levi Dame befriending their temporary resident. Tom Dame playing mommy to their temporary orphan moose baby. Tom and little brother, Clayton, feeding baby moose before it goes off to it's new home.Heading up the Khutzeymateen Inlet in 2009 to look for Grizzy Bears.Mike Dame and son, Tom, looking for Grizzlies on the  Khutzeymateen Inlet in 2009.A big bull Killer Whale breaching just off from their boat.Daddy, Mike Dame, teaching son, Levi, how to drive the boat while little brother, Clayton, supervises.Tom, Levi and Clayton Dame with Uncle Joe on a dock just outside of Prince Rupert, B.C. with 50 lb. Ling cod.Tom and Clayton Dame with Uncle Joe and his 50 lb. Ling cod on a dock just outside of Prince Rupert, B.C.Tom Dame standing with their morning catch of Cod and Halibut.Mike Dame with his three sons, Tom, Clayton, and Levi with their moose from their 2010 hunt in Northern, B.C.Tom Dame enjoying the realm of camplife while hunting.Darrell and Lisa Sturgeon fishing 2011 on Fraser River, B.C. Always catch and release for these big animals.Darrell and Savannah sharing a moment with our friend.One last touch before saying good-bye to an ancient fish.Colton building road while waiting for the next big one to get on the line 2011.An 8-ft Sturgeon caught on the Fraser River, B.C. Was released soon after as it is catch and release only in this river for sturgeon. Lisa and Colton during Sockeye Salmon season on Fraser River 2011.Colton proudly holding up his catch of the day 2011. ... And yes, his glasses are on upside down:-)Robinsons during Sockeye Season on the Fraser River 2011. Friends forever: Savannah, Rachelle, Reed, and Colton sharing the load of fish for the day ... everybody partakes:-))Reed practicing becoming a professional fisherman!The Holt family enjoying a family moment on the Fraser River 2011.Heather and Reed showing off another fish ... proud catch 2011.Reed and Rachelle sharing the catch.Darrell salmon fishing on the Fraser River 2011.Darrell and a beautiful Fraser River Sockeye 2011.Darrell, Colton, and Fraser River Sockeye 2011.There's more to fishing than just waiting for the fish to bite:-))Lisa teaching the hunting dog to look for Salmon ... and no, he didn't find one.Elk Hunting Camp 101...Rule 1: Have a beautiful firepit!Savannah and Brandon enjoying life in Elk Camp 2011.
The Robinson Family in Elk Camp 2011.Elk Camp art work 2011. Taking time with children to enjoy extra activities while in camp embeds a love of the experience into their hearts and memories.Entry to the creek trail ... enjoying down time in hunting camp.Robinson Family in camp.Early morning elk hunting break with the kids ... still in their pj's!Grouse hunting with the kids on the way back to camp 2011.Colton trying to imitate his big sister cleaning grouse ... Note: he was not quite strong enough ... yet.Lining up to practice bow hunting ... the old way.Taking shots on target.Savannah LOVES Bow hunting!!!A curious Whitetail Doe and her Fawn 2011.One way to get around.Brandon and his Whitetail Buck last day in Elk Camp 2011.Darrell and the kids with Brandon's Whitetail Buck last day in elk Camp 2011.Lisa treated to a TH coffee in Elk Camp 2011 ... Do you see the buck??? Timmies inspires:-))Lisa and a two-point Mule deer from the B.C. Interior 2011.Taking time in between hunts to look for gold.Lisa and a beautiful brown bear.Reed proudly holding a grouse.Reed getting in some practise, impatiently waitinfor future hunts.Reed proudly holding up his prize trout catch.
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