As Parents, we encounter unique challenges in the hunting world. While it is nice to go for a long hike or sit quietly watching for game without the threat of a scream or the argument from a child, the long-term payoffs are worth it, at least once in a while:-))

While our daughter is anxious to kill her first grouse, she is also learning another valuable lesson in life: Patience. She is enjoying the challenges of target practice and the hikes as much as us. She will someday, be a great hunter.

The boys are learning a love of the bush and the value of teamwork. Whenever we get our game, the family pulls together to get the animal dressed, out of the bush, and into the cooler before the meat can go rancid. It inspires a closeness among us that is difficult to get from other experiences in life that are often solitary efforts. 

And the best part is, sitting together at the dinner table throughout the long cold winter taking part in the healthy fruits of our labour, remembering the moment, and thanking the Universe for the food we've been granted ... And the beautiful mount on the wall:-))

Yes, parenting and guiding our youth is a challenge, but yields such sweet rewards.

If any parents have stories to share about hunting with their children, please feel free to submit them with photos. While this site is about our children, we would not have them without parents like you to guide them. Our contact info is located on our Home Page. 

Hear from you soon!!!

Kids in Camo

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