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Kids in Camo

Target practicing on the family ranch.
Taking a break to play in a skiff of snow one morning.
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September 16, 2010

At the last minute my wife, Angela, and I decided to take our three boys for a weekend hunting up towards Dease Lake, BC. My wife and I loaded the camper, truck and quads and off we went. We arrived at our decided destination on a Friday morning and set up camp. Just after noon, we loaded the boys on the quads and headed down an old logging road to scout for a place to hunt for the evening. We went several miles back in and parked the quads, then took the boys for about an hour hike up a ridge where I was able to get three little moose hunters all a chance at giving it a go to call out a bull moose for dad to have a consultation with. Much to the boys’ dismay, no love stricken moose were in the immediate area, so we headed down off the ridge and again mounted the quads. 

The day was absolutely beautiful with blue sky and about 23 degrees Celsius out. My little guy wanted to drive so I sat back as we slowly putted down the road with my lovely wife tagging along behind on the other quad with the two older boys. We crested the top of a hill as I was sitting back enjoying the warm midday sun when I spotted a bull moose standing in the middle of the road looking right at us from about 150 yards. I reached over Clayton and applied the hand brakes telling him to look down the road at the Bull Moose. He let off on the throttle and looked up at me with his big brown eyes wide open indicating he saw the moose. I took the rifle off of the gun rack, stepped off the quad and loaded it. I put the scope on the moose who was patiently standing there waiting to donate his carcass to the Carnivore Kids when I remembered that Clayton was still right beside me. I looked over at him and quietly said, "Plug your ears, it’s gonna’ be real loud." He immediately shoved his hands up inside his helmut and plugged his ears. 

I turned my attention to the task at hand and noted the bull was still standing looking right at me, but by the way he was starting to look to the side I knew my time was now getting very limited. I took an off-hand shot and hit him dead centre in the middle of the chest. The bull humped up and immediately turned around and took a few very wobbly steps. This allowed me time to kneel down and get a bit of a rest off of my knee. As he turned to step off the road I was ready and hit him a second time at the base of the neck and put him down for good. He dropped right in the middle of the road. You have to love road moose, as we usually get them in the worst swamp holes and then spend hours fighting to get them out. This was a gift to have my wife and three little boys with me for the whole event. Angie, Levi, and Tom had pulled up and stopped right behind us before I was even able to get off the quad to make the shot. 

We drove up and took a few photos prior to field dressing and loading the quarters in the quad trailer and heading back to camp. By 8:30 pm, we had the moose fully cleaned and hung in camp and were roasting marshmallows over the fire with the kids. 

The next day, a guy from Smithers shot a nice boar grizzly on the gut pile of our moose. He skinned it out and headed home with his nice trophy. The following day another hunter happened along the road and got a nice wolf on the grizzly carcass. Nothing goes to waste in the North Country!