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Kids in Camo
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Here are some of our favorite links we are finding (and there are many):

- www.wildgameforums.com - This site I found by accident, but it is really neat. It is very well done with quality and quantity. Anything you want to talk about in regards to hunting and fishing is there, and it is suitable for our youth to hang around and find others their age to chat with. Check it out!

- www.lostinthewoodsstudio.com - With this site, I admit bias, but objectively speaking, even if the artists weren't my aunt and uncle, I would still think it was really cool. Check it out and you will enjoy their exquisite work.

- www.swordquarterhorses.com - This site lists some incredible horses. Some of the horses are barrel racing or reigning horses, however, there are many trail-worthy horses. Tom Sword is a hunter, trapper, logger, horse trainer, and so are his daughters and grand-daughter. He has horses that he could recommend or train for hunting in the mountains. Check out his website and contact him or his wife, Melissa, for more information.

- www.archerschoicemedia.com - This site is one of my favorites! We love watching Vicki and Ralph on the hunting channel. They are knowledgeable and funny. Check them out on their website and on TV. AWESOME!!!

- www.thewomanhunter.com - This is a great hunting magazine for women! Product reviews, hunting stories, etc. Have a look, you'll love it!